Our physical learning environment is one where the school facilities is  in harmony with the environment; and that encourages social participation, providing a healthy, comfortable, safe, secure and stimulating setting for its occupants”  - "The Child" .

    Safety Procedures and Facilities 

Although accidents are unavoidable, we have carefully taken the following steps to minimize the risk of injury and maximize the effectiveness in our premise.

1. 3000 Sq Ft  Once Large open  space ensures an all round visibility is critical to ensure teachers  and children remain in visual contact at all times to reduce  any anxiety or apprehension.


2. Playtopia has an  inviting ambiance that is Well lit, with Cheery  Colorful decor all around 

3. All areas of the PLAY Arena are netted to ensure children are within the play arena at any point of time. The entire 4 ton  structure is insulated and padded at all places to ensure maximum safety to the kids and to let them explore without risk of injury. Pre-play check of the installation is conducted every day prior to use of the structure.


4. A helper is available at all times to ensure children follow instructions for safe use of the arena.


5. The entire Arena is bathed in natural light throughout the day and  brightly lit  in the evening.

6. All exit points are locked  so that children do not run out.  Pick up zone is inside the reception area 


7. Visitor protocol (Log book entry/tag) maintained. No outsiders are entertained during the Play School hrs        

8. Fire extinguisher is installed and / Evacuation procedure  through a fire drill is conducted from time to time. 


9. Playtopia is under CCTV Surveillance . 

10. Lift & Stairs are provided .

11. ID Card must during child pick up . Loss of card  must be reported immediately .  


12. The school premises is pest controlled once a year.  

13. Emergency numbers are displayed at the entrance along with parents  contacts.

14 We only hire Lady Staff &  Background verification is done for all staff hired. 


15. Wearing anything sharp/ fancy is not entertained especially during school hours 


16. Play Arena /Toys/ Resources and all other material's are cleaned and sanitized regularly.  Ballpool is    

      cleaned once a month. 


17. Child safe furniture and child friendly toy that are painted with  non toxic paints

18.Environment is checked regularly for foreign bodies/sharp objects, including (including looses wires , switch      boards,)


19.Mishandling of a child  is not be tolerated at any point.


20. The children will be made aware of good touch and bad touch. 

21. Additional removable baby toilet seat is provided, along a sized stool. The latch  to the inside doors are are above child level.  The child will  be accompanied by a lady support staff when using the wash-room and the door will  be shut to respect the child's privacy.

22. Practice of healthy habits like hand wash before food and after using the wash room are made mandatory. 


23.Doctor on call ( Pediatrician on below floor) in case of emergencies.

24. Parents will be asked to pick up the child if child is ill untill a minimum of 24 hours of recovery .  This must be done as a mandate procedure.


25.  First aid box  with required contents are checked for expiry every 2 months and kept above child level.


26 . We only serve food brought by kids from home and encourage consumption of vegetarian food in the      

       school to avoid discomfort to the others.


27.Our Safety approach  includes 

          1. GPS tracking

           2. Panic buttons 

            3. Camera Surveillance 

              4. Geo-Fencing

                5. AI & ML based driver behavior score 

 and           6.15 STEP driver verification process including background and police verification.   


                                 Looking forward to your support in implementing the above 

Playtopia edutainment  - because play matters!!!


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