Why us ?

With a large, thoughtfully designed edu play structure, it 

ensures every little child learns through observation and play. A curriculum that integrates physical play into learning makes for a combination every toddler will relish and look forward to attend! 

Playtopia is Bangalore’s first ever truly integrated

play arena and Montessori. Much like Foxy , Toddlers love play !

Their learning curves start at play and  ends there as well! What if the environment of

 learning they  first encounter after home  is a play ground ? Replete with

 Swings  and slides and cubby  holes to hide in! Where she runs and plays,

 learning and engaging  socially, with many other  children and while they are 

 An Environment of play is created and the perfect blend of  Kreedo Montessori and   

 Multiple intellect methods of teaching is born! Learning is far more fun,

 less anxious and intresting when you are doing it in inviting & fearless environment   

Playtopia is the perfect place for a child to exercise her mind and body. A curriculum that integrates physical play into learning makes for a combination every toddler will relish and look forward to attend! 

Growth - A structured environment with the right set of tools is extremely important. The more the “moving” activities the child engages in, the better the overall development in the child.  This period is time of rapid physical growth, bodies become longer, more slender, bones harden.


Brain - This is the period of extremely high brain development in the child, and is the time when many connections are formed and hence becomes the period where the child’s understanding is growing by leaps and bounds. The child at this stage can absorb enormous amount of information / challenges / knowledge. Brain Development-Neural impulses become faster and more precise.

Personality -  Quite a bit of the attitude and mental framework get established during these years. They are not there to be “moulded” by us into whatever we want them to be. Children are individuals with  personalities that needs to be nurtured and motivated to achieve more. Children by nature during this period are fiercely independent and would like to engage in activities on their own. They get a profound sense of achievement in doing routine regular activities by themselves.

       Development in a 0 to 7 YEAR

      Your child is growing by leaps and bounds. Physically , Mentally and in Personality 

Playtopia edutainment  - because play matters!!!


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