Now that we are clear on the Playtopia philosophy, It is important to understand how the philosophy can be translated to a daily routine / activities in the classroom.


The first days of school is called the settling period. It is important that the child is settled early so that they can start with the activities. The child will not be presented with any materials till he / she is settled in fully. Hence, the child spends the first few days in activities that could be more physical in nature (like climbing, swinging, rocking etc.) or singing songs / nursery rhymes etc. till he / she is completely settled in.

Methodology  of


                                                                    Settling Period 

Since the child has the freedom to choose the activities that he / she wants to do on a particular day, the curriculum does not prescribe daily activities as a schedule. Hence, we prescribe activities that the child needs to do in a month and the adult’s responsibility is to ensure that the activities are presented to the child. It is not necessary that if a set number of activities is prescribed for a month, only those activities need to be presented. 

Time Table 

We recommend a typical day of about 2.5 to 3 hours at least with ample play 


                                                                                          Physical Play  

The first experience of early education is always rife with anxiety for  both, Parent and child. Our brightly colored arena welcomes a child "like only a place of play can"!Play is the universal language of childhood , Our brightly colored arena is a  great way for taking away the anxiousness about coming in , managing separation , calming a child down, increasing in gross & fine motor skills , confidence building , free play, and a my-raid of activities stimulating the brain . What better than having this all year round irrespective of the weather , fully insulated  to minimize any risks of injury.


Individual Time 

Once the child has chosen the material of interest , this time allows  the teacher  
to work with the child at his own level and interest, and pursue it to compleation at a pace he truly enjoyes. 

                                                                                       Mixed Grouping 

Ideally, the curriculum is best implemented with a mixed age grouping where there are children at the age of 2 as well as children at the age of 5yrs. This kind of mixed age grouping works extremely well in the environment and presentations become a lot easier as the elder children act as guides for the younger ones. 


Snack Time 

A snack break of  about 30 mins  siting along peers after setting his/her place at the table is encouraged for independence and manners .

                                                                                                              Children Misbehaving 

Ground rules are set and children are clearly shown that unruly / destructive behaviour is not acceptable in the environment. The adult ensure's that the child is diverted with some other activities .


Calm Cozy Corner 

This area is devoid of toys, but a place to sit and calm the child down with a series of nteractive questions that led to the child misbehaving, we don’t ask them to say “Sorry”  but we present it as one of the options. 

                                                                                                                               The Teacher

An effective teacher is the time she spends in planning each class and reflecting and learning from how each class goes.

Teachers are required to plan out the next month  before the start of a new month starts sharing her ideas and resources 

1.Daily planning for every child. ,  2. assess the child’s activities on a daily basis 4. clear chart is prepared on what materials have been presented to the child and on which day.  3.  She  needs to keep a record of the daily observation sheets

                                                                                                                     Teacher Child ratio is 1 : 7 

                                                                                                                     Ayyas Child ration 1: 5


Having a theme will also helps to organize activities in advance and effectively, to ensure high engagement and authentic learning with a sense of continuity 


The teacher  enter the observation sheets without fail on a daily basis.

Based on the data entered, reports would be generated in the software that can be downloaded and analyzed by the school, helping us to map each child’s progress and provide comprehensive reports.


The school and parents have to work closely in meeting the objectives as prescribed in the curriculum. 

One of the fundamental objectives of the curriculum is to make the child independent and it would be extremely useful to have the child follow their independent routines in the house as they do in the school 


What we think of as work, children view them as play and enjoy every moment of it.

Playtopia edutainment  - because play matters!!!


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