Fresh & Nutritional 

Vegetarion Menu




The Weekly Menu will 

be shared via email 

Birthdays cakes are Special ! 

Make it even more memorable 

with a home made , customized 

cake to suit your occasion 

Cake Flavour

>Fruit Melange/ Mixed Fruit

>Rocher              >Pineapple

>Strawberry          >Caramelized  banana

> Carrot cake    

> Lime  

> Banana walnut

> Butterscotch  

> Pina colada

> Red velvet      

> Cream cheese

> Vanilla              

> Light and fluffy vanilla      

> Rich chocolate  

> Brownie fudge

> Red velvet          

> Oreo          

> Coffee              

> Caramel           

> Chocolate truffle

> Butterscotch caramel 

> Hazelnut

> Oreo cream cheese 

> Banana  hummingbird

Filling & Frostings 

>Rich Chocolate  >Vanilla

>Butterscotch    >Pineapple


> White chocolate

>Peanut Butter   

> Lemon



>Salted Caramel 

> Cream Cheese

> Chocolate Mousse            


Molds, Decorations, Designs provided on request   

 Snack Menu -



Coffee - Rs.25  

Choco Chip - Rs. 50  

Cupcakes  - Rs. 50  

Burgers  - Rs. 50

Pizza     - Rs.120  

French Fries - Rs.60

Sandwitches - Rs. 60

Juice  - Rs. 20  

Milkshake - Rs. 75  

Yogurt Smoothies - Rs. 75 

Water Bottles - Rs. 15 

Sit Back and Relax, While your kids have a great time at the Play Arena   Freshly Baked , Perfect Bite sized, munchies and snacks for kids and their parents from our Kiddy Cafe  .

We specialize in healthy, elegant and exquisitely  presented Buffet  for Birthday Party and External Catering Events .  Playtopia and his team of formally trained staff, aim to reconstruct and then surpass our client's requirements.

The backbone of the business is medium sized contracts serving Staff Lunches/Dinner 40 to 250 people in each site.

Our current team comprise's of 5 part-time and 5 full-time staff at any one time.

Party Buffet Menu 


                             Limited Rs.200/head       Unlimited Rs. 250/head



Please select [Any 1]  from each category.

 1. STARTERS -  Garlic & Herb bread OR Garlic and herb bread  with cheese OR French ries OR  Cheesy fries with   Roasted pepper and Toasted garlic OR   Cheesy Jalapeño fries.

2. BURGERS (Veg)      OR    SANDWICHES ( Tomato and  Cheese melt OR Roasted pepper   and Paneer   OR    Baby  Corn and  Cheese.

 3. BAKED PASTA      OR    PIZZAS ( Veg Sweet Corn OR Veg Panner  OR Tomato and  cheese OR   Veg jalapeno.

 4. BEVERAGE - Yoghurt Smoothies OR Milk Shake    [Strawberry / Mango/ Pineapple/ Banana]  OR Mirinda / Coke OR lemon, Ginger and Mint Coolers.



Veg Burger  +   French Fries +  Coke  = Rs.  150

 ( Service help at Buffet table , Water, Knife, Plates, Cups,

 Spoons, Tissues and Bin will be provided )

1.  BUFFET & MAIN COURSE (Veg / Non Veg)              Minimum of 30 full Packs required

                                                                                                      Sample Buffet’s @ Appx 350/ Head                                                                                                                                             Kids 210 / Head 


1.Veg Noodles OR Veg fried rice

2.Gobi  /   Baby Corn  / Mushroom Manchurian gravy / dry

3.Chilly  Gobi OR  chilly mushroom OR  Chilly babycorn

4.Garlic bread OR French fries

5.Veg Burger OR Tomato Cheese sandwich OR Corn  &  cheese sandwich

6.Pizza  OR Baked pasta- cheese/ veg paneer/ veg babycorn

7.Jilebi OR  Icecream

8.Soft drinks OR  milkshake OR  Mint and Ginger lemonade



Welcome Drink ( Any 1)

Jaljeera / Soft Drinks /Lemon Mint & Ginger Juice/Butter Milk/ Sharbat

Starters(Any 3 )

 Gobi Manchurian / Uddin Vada/Harabhara Kebab/Samosa/Ammode/Pakoda/Bajji/Cocktail Samosa/French         

     Fries/Smileys/Chilli Potato/Cheese Balls/Veg Cutlet

Curry( Any 1 )

     Aloo Gobi Mattar / Bhindi Do Pyaza/ Gobi Masala/Mixed Veg Gravy/Dal Tadka /Paneer Butter   

     Masala/Baingan Bharta/Shahi Jeera Aloo/Tawa Vegetable/Aloo Veg/Aloo Palak/Veg Khurma/Subzi Miloni

Rice (Any 1)

     Steamed rice/Jeera Rice/Curd Rice/Veg Pulao/Puliyogre/Bisibelebath/Methi Rice/Peas Pulao/Gobi Rice/Ghee    

     Rice/Khichidi/Safed Pulao/Corn Peas Biryani

Breads ( Any 1)

     Poori /Phulka/Chapathi/Paratha

Desserts (Any 1)

     Gulab Jamoon/Kheer/Shahi Tukda/Ice cream/Kesari Bath/Dal payasam

Complimentary – Pickle,  Papad , Raita and White Rice  


Playtopia edutainment  - because play matters!!!


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