Preschool -  Playtopia Kids  

                   NEXT GEN SMART LEARNING 

Playtopia's Innovative and Pedagogically designed concepts of Physical Play along with Montessori and Multiple intellect theory from                       (Preschool Chain) Curriculum forms a strong foundation of a child’s formal education . Our scientifically designed materials in an inviting environment with a teacher child ratio of 1 : 7 and daily assessment will help reach your childs milestone's with ease .

Our Integrated Curriculum , Facility and approach sets us apart in  developing skills with fine & gross motor, effective  speaking, socializing in a fun and safe environment.

   After School 

An afterschool experience like no other! With zero screen time and a healthy mix of activities ranging from home work, reading, writing assistance,  dance, arts and craft, color theory, baking , karaoke singing , storytelling and lots more, you can rest assured your child will be exercised for maximum cognitive and physical development .

With the Scorching Sun and barely any time on your hands to keep the little ones fully engaged and bleed of their energy, we aim to keep the kids immersed with activities this Summer at Playtopia.  Let your Hooligans get the much needed free time to just play, relax, be silly and at the same time , build confidence, enhance their sports abilities, their artistic talents, make new friends or simply bake a cupcake for their loved ones back home !!!!

Scream Shout Sweat it out !!! 
3500 Sq Ft Open Space, Naturally lit,

 Well Ventilated, Colorful Ambiance .


 Let looses and go beserk ! 

Best Indoor Play Area (Bengaluru)_R (1).


 Birthdays are as special as ever. Get  it  all rocking and raving  with a theme decoration and play arena for  your 0 to 10 yr olds like they will never forget ...

What We Do




Playtopia Edutainment- is Bangalore’s first ever truly integrated Play Arena and Montessori for toddlers! Playtopia,  in its colorful cheery décor and with paramount importance on hygiene and security, is a 3500sq ft 2 tier Indoor soft play structure for Preschool ( along with Aftershcool care,, Play Arena, and kids activities & the only place for an Exclusive Birthday Theme Party area for like no other  that is completely customised to bring  your favorites characters to life. It also has a kiddy cake & bake café  and will be the perfect place to ensure a complete holistic, academic, play experience for your little hooligans to stay active, have oodles of fun and make great memories of their birthday parties !



Playtopia was founded in the summer of 2015. Having found very few places for physical play  that were safe and appropriate, for kids we realised, there was a pressing need for child friendly spaces within the city that would check the following boxes. 

 *Safe      *hygienic       *pollution free environment       *accessible 

 *Play opportunity regardless of the climate    

 continuously and rigorously used to the fullest benefit of the children regardless of weather conditions or pollution. Which in turn ensured better attendance and happier children, more amiable to instruction.

Our Mission is to provide a  safe, exciting child entertainment facility for children aged between 0-8 years  and their parents, which will help children grow physically, emotionally and mentally through interactive play   with their parents, peers and in the facility itself.


PRESCHOOL                   8..30am - 11.30pm

                                                11.30am - 2.30pm                                                               [Mon - Fri]       

DAYCARE & AFTER SCHOOL      2.30 pm  - 8 pm 

& WORKSHOPS                             [Mon - Fri]      


SUMMER CAMPS  10 to 2 pm 

                                 March 15th  - May 15th 2020    

                                 [Mon - Fri]                        


 PLAY                       2.30 pm  - 8 pm  [Mon -Fri]                                                 & 11 to 8 pm    [ Sat & Sun ] 

 BIRTHDAY             11 am  -  8pm  [ Sat - Sun]

OPEN 7 days 

(*Socks are mandatory in the play arena)



Playtopia edutainment  - because play matters!!!


                                 Playtopia Edutainment, # 3rd Floor, No.1051, Vijaya Bank Layout, Billekalli, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru  560076. Karnataka. IND. PH– 080 49547821 Mob 9538470335
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